Why our fudges?

1) Our fudges are always fresh. Produced under the individual order.
2) Shop's fudges in no way even a little dom't like the taste of fudge from the past ... They are hard rubber, simply artificial.
3) Our fudge with the passage of time (2-3 weeks) crystallize - initially pasty, soft texture becomes more fragile and delicate. It is a completely natural process.
4) Our fudges are exclusively produced according to traditional, fully natural recipe, as well as hand-packed in wrappers.
5) By giving a delicious, extremely fragile and delicate fudges, we operate simultaneously in several senses (sight, smell, taste).
6) Fudge gumdrops evoke childhood memories, which translates to associate the company with positive emotions.
7) The vast majority of customers order reiterates our company.
8) Fudges are in the forefront of popular Polish sweets.
9) We can ensure the supply of fresh fudge throughout the year.
10) Sweet and effective advertising message reaches the recipient's remaining long in his memory.